Friday, January 13th, 2023     11:00 AM – 3:00 PM UTC

Saturday, January 14th, 2023  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0

Virtual Event featuring world leading healthcare experts

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Featured Speakers

Dr. Gideon Poku

Westview Medical Centre

“In order to truly serve the people, you must have a heart for excellence”


Dr. Poku is a vibrant young physician making a huge impact in the lives of people throughout Central Region Ghana and its surrounding areas. Today he serves his patients in multiple capacities including as one of the lead physician at Westview Medical Centre as well as his regional hospital. Being recognized for his performance both academically and professionally, Dr. Poku brings a wealth of knowledge to residents of Takoradi, Ghana.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Poku speaking Day 2 of our summit!

 Jay Pratap

New Way Healthcare Services

“I only value the best care in healthcare services”


Operating a mid sized RCM company with over 130 employees, Jay knows a thing or two about ensuring effective revenue cycle management for US clinics and hospitals. Having a strong background in medical coding himself, Jay leads a dedicated team to advance the accuracy and consistency needed for today’s clinicians.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Jay Pratap speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Fikriansyah Bin Irman

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

“If you want more, give more”


Fikri is a Senior Medical Device Reviewer in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. He is now responsible for the availability of safe and quality Medical Devices with advanced technology as part of the Health System Transformation in Indonesia. ‘In the last couple of decades, mankind’s ability to connect with people has exploded, We’re more connected than ever. We have to take this opportunity to leverage the health and well-being of everyone to deliver a safer world to the future generation,’ states Fikriansyah.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Fikriansyah speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Dr. Charles Umeh

Parkers Mobile Clinic

“I believe that health should come first before any other thing”


Impacting over 50,000 lives in Eastern Nigeria in just 2 years, Dr. Umeh is a Telemedicine expert and Public Health Physician with 7 years experience in advancing healthcare services delivery in Nigeria and Africa through Telemedicine and health system strengthening. Working as a  digital health researcher with additional interest in surgical robotics and proud member of the international medical informatics association. 

Publishing 3 publication along with being nominated for the national physicians award in Nigeria and other humanitarian awards.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Umeh speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Eleonora Varntoumian

European Health Parliament (EHP)

“We need to invest and raise awareness for healthy lifestyles across all generations”


Eleonora is President of the European Health Parliament (EHP), a movement connecting and empowering the next generation of European health leaders to rethink EU health policies.  Ms Varntoumian is also a Board member of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis and and an Advisory Council member in Etterbeek, Brussels.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Eleonora speaking Day 2 of our summit!


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What Can You Expect?

Global health has been an ongoing topic for years but we are here to bring you actionable insights in over 15 countries to better help facilitate wellness for all, bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and discuss trends for 2023 from the perspectives of the real experts. 

15 Countries & Counting…

Elite Precision Consulting are pleased to host speakers, experts and advisors coming all over the world.  We are honored to host the following countries: 

Paris | Ghana | Pakistan | India | Nigeria | Sri Lanka | Cairo |

Philippines | Malaysia | Bangladesh | Indonesia | Belgium | 

Argentina | USA | Estonia

It’s More Than Health… It’s Life

Focusing on the trends in each region while collaborating efforts to bridge the gap in healthcare disparity, economic crisis due to low paying or overworked healthcare professionals and more. This summit is geared towards healthcare professionals in both academic, private and public sectors and is paramount in understanding how to leverage the resources made available worldwide. From life science, telehealth, health-tech, workforce trends, revenue enhancement and global partnership framework.

Offering Value Over Volume

We have spent nearly 2 decades in working with healthcare organizations globally and have come to bring you the brightest and the best in the field. We want each attendee to take more than just free guides but a framework that can benefit yourself, company, community and country. Whether you are a professional, speaker, sponsor or student we are confident the 2 day summit will bring you insights, guidance and acute awareness to help you move forward in your healthcare journey.