Global Healthcare Summit 3.0

15 Countries | 15 Keynote Speaker | 1 Mission

Featured Speakers

Dr. Gideon Poku

Westview Medical Centre

“In order to truly serve the people, you must have a heart for excellence”


Dr. Poku is a vibrant young physician making a huge impact in the lives of people throughout Central Region Ghana and its surrounding areas. Today he serves his patients in multiple capacities including as one of the lead physician at Westview Medical Centre as well as his regional hospital. Being recognized for his performance both academically and professionally, Dr. Poku brings a wealth of knowledge to residents of Takoradi, Ghana.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Poku speaking Day 2 of our summit!

 Jay Pratap

New Way Healthcare Services

“I only value the best care in healthcare services”


Operating a mid sized RCM company with over 130 employees, Jay knows a thing or two about ensuring effective revenue cycle management for US clinics and hospitals. Having a strong background in medical coding himself, Jay leads a dedicated team to advance the accuracy and consistency needed for today’s clinicians.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Jay Pratap speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Fikriansyah Bin Irman

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

“If you want more, give more”


Fikri is a Senior Medical Device Reviewer in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. He is now responsible for the availability of safe and quality Medical Devices with advanced technology as part of the Health System Transformation in Indonesia. ‘In the last couple of decades, mankind’s ability to connect with people has exploded, We’re more connected than ever. We have to take this opportunity to leverage the health and well-being of everyone to deliver a safer world to the future generation,’ states Fikriansyah.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Fikriansyah speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Eleonora Varntoumian

European Health Parliament (EHP)

“We need to invest and raise awareness for healthy lifestyles across all generations”


Eleonora is President of the European Health Parliament (EHP), a movement connecting and empowering the next generation of European health leaders to rethink EU health policies.  Ms Varntoumian is also a Board member of the Institute of Cancer and Crisis and and an Advisory Council member in Etterbeek, Brussels.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Eleonora speaking Day 2 of our summit!

Dr. Charles Umeh

Parkers Mobile Clinic

“I believe that health should come first before any other thing”


Impacting over 50,000 lives in Eastern Nigeria in just 2 years, Dr. Umeh is a Telemedicine expert and Public Health Physician with 7 years experience in advancing healthcare services delivery in Nigeria and Africa through Telemedicine and health system strengthening. Working as a  digital health researcher with additional interest in surgical robotics and proud member of the international medical informatics association. 

Publishing 3 publication along with being nominated for the national physicians award in Nigeria and other humanitarian awards.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Umeh speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Furkan Hossain

Circle Technology Ltd

“Bringing digital healthcare to all”


Furkan Hossain is a public health researcher and technology entrepreneur. He has 22 years of experience in the digital transformation of healthcare services. In addition, Furkan is an innovative designer of mHealth and telemedicine programs for low-resource settings.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Furkan speaking Day 2 of our summit!

Ghafoor Ahmad


“Shaping the future of finance and technology ground breaking products and services as the leading Fintech Entrepreneur”


Mr. Ghafoor Ahmed is an entrepreneur in MedTech and Fintech. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Klaim.AI which is the fastest-growing start-up in the UAE. It is an innovative HealthTech-FinTech start-up already accelerated to four different countries within a span of two years. It is fully operational in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman and under the POC in the USA

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Ghafoor speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Dr. Qazi Tauseef

Qazi Health Solutions

“Lifelong Learner”


Dr. Tauseef is a human excellence professional known as a “Man on a lifelong learning mission” As a 45 years ‘young’ man with innovative ideas and readiness to experiment and experience every moment, making most of every opportunity to learn about humans in diverse settings and organizations from education, health and corporate industries and exploring people, their behavior and ways I can help them excel.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr.Tauseef speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Suresh Ponnudurai

Malaysia Healthcare

“Health is Wealth, however, the reverse is true that Wealth does not guarantee Health. What then should be our priority?”


Suresh Ponnudurai’s journey of 15 years took him to the UK and the US in the late 70’s before returning to Malaysia in the early 90’s. Having accumulated a wealth of experience by building a career in the US, and in Asia for Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing over 18 years saw him being attached to small as well as large companies in the US and other MNC companies including Dupont and Akzo Nobel for the Asia Pacific region. He combined a decade of experience in health care for services and health data technology that is now part of his aged care initiatives by looking to build Retirement, Nursing, Rehabilitation facilities and other services with a target market of the high-net-worth (HNW) individuals looking to live in Malaysia and Asia.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Suresh speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Martin Norgaard Gregersen


“Just Be”


As Founder and CTO of, Martin has been pivotal in the contract management sector amongst many companies worldwide. Sign.Online is the easiest way to create and sign digital contracts: Free contract review. Pay-per-contract. No subscription required. Our mission is to bring Estonian standards in digital contract creation and signing to the rest of the world. Featured on London Tech Week and BBC World News, we now support 30 different signature methods, covering all countries in the world, using eIDAS compliance as our standard. We also offer a custom B2B solution for the health industry with a single setup fee and a low price per contract.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Martin speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Kemi Olawoye


“Develop your skills, stay committed to learning, unlearning, relearning, and execution”


Kemi Olawoye is the Co-Founder & CEO of Babymigo (, Nigeria’s largest pregnancy and parenting community. She is passionate about reducing the incidence of maternal and child mortality in Africa through technology. Kemi is a recipient of several awards and recognitions including the 16th Edition Future Awards Africa in Advocacy, 2021 Woman Entrepreneur & Spirit of GIST by US Department of State, and the 2021 Africa Choice Awards: Young Entrepreneur of the year among several others.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Kemi speaking Day 1 of our summit!

Lawrence (Rui) Dang

Westminster International University 

“Develop your skills, stay committed to learning, unlearning, relearning, and execution”


Lawrence is currently a senior lecturer in economics at Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. As of January 2022, he started to serve as a co-convener for the Special Interest Group of the Economics of End-of-Life Care and Palliative Care, as well as Special Interest Group of Early Career Researchers under the iHEA-International Health Economics Association. In addition, he is currently a member of the scientific advisory committee(SAC) of the EHMA-European Health Management Association, a Global Labor Organization fellow, and a member of the Education Committee and Global Health Competencies Sub-Committee and SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) Taskforce at CUGH-Consortium of Universities of Global Health.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Lawrence speaking Day 2 of our summit!

Dr. Jodi Visnu

Panti Rapih Hospital Yogyakarta

“Kindly do the small acts of great love”


Dr. Visnu is a health practitioner, a lecturer, and an independent consultant in Health Philanthropy and Health Marketing Strategy. He works as an academician in the Public Health field and advocate for several private health institutions related to philanthropy and marketing. As a health practitioner, he can directly interact with the patients and give them medical-social support. It is essential to have such clinical experience to deal with the patient’s needs.

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Visnu speaking Day 2 of our summit!

Dr. Michaelene Holder-March 

MHM Health Consultancy

“Healthcare Transformation, Governance, eHealth, Strategic Advisor, Leadership and Management Consultant. Founder of Leaders in Health and Tech”


Dr. Holder-March is a healthcare executive with working experience in both public and private health and social care. Respected globally for her vast experience and portfolio of managing Corporate & Clinical Governance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Operations, System Resilience, COVID-19 Advisor, Transformation & Outbreak Management. An experienced strategic advisor to the board and management in the reorganisation of companies

Global Healthcare Summit 3.0 welcomes Dr. Visnu speaking Day 2 of our summit!

What Can You Expect?

Global health has been an ongoing topic for years but we are here to bring you actionable insights in over 15 countries to better help facilitate wellness for all, bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and discuss trends for 2023 from the perspectives of the real experts. 

15 Countries & Counting…

Elite Precision Consulting are pleased to host speakers, experts and advisors coming all over the world.  We are honored to host the following countries: 

Paris | Ghana | Pakistan | India | Nigeria | Sri Lanka | Cairo |

Philippines | Malaysia | Bangladesh | Indonesia | Belgium | 

Argentina | USA | Estonia

It’s More Than Health… It’s Life

Focusing on the trends in each region while collaborating efforts to bridge the gap in healthcare disparity, economic crisis due to low paying or overworked healthcare professionals and more. This summit is geared towards healthcare professionals in both academic, private and public sectors and is paramount in understanding how to leverage the resources made available worldwide. From life science, telehealth, health-tech, workforce trends, revenue enhancement and global partnership framework.

Offering Value Over Volume

We have spent nearly 2 decades in working with healthcare organizations globally and have come to bring you the brightest and the best in the field. We want each attendee to take more than just free guides but a framework that can benefit yourself, company, community and country. Whether you are a professional, speaker, sponsor or student we are confident the 2 day summit will bring you insights, guidance and acute awareness to help you move forward in your healthcare journey.

Amplify. Empower. Collaborate.

It’s time to create a space where more collaborations can be made real-time and access to global resources are delivered on a silver platter

Sustainable healthcare systems create 
imperishable communities

This summit will elevate the visibility of local healthcare professionals, amplify the voices of change in healthcare, empower global business collaboration on a larger scale and optimize opportunities within the healthcare industry. 

Clinical Insights

Tailored to Investors & Partners

From life science to ground breaking clinical advancements, we will feature some of the most brilliant minds in clinical settings to showcase how their technology is evolving the trajectory of healthcare

Academic Research

With experts from both academia and R&D sectors, we will bring to you what will be trending in the upcoming years and how to engage with its sucess for your region

Partnership Recognition

From technology to clinical wwe will feature copmanies from all over the world whose impact has shifted the world of medicine for both their country and others

Investor Session

No need to spend countless hours vetting and identifying viable investments. This summit will highlight what Angels & VCs need to manifest that next viable advancement

Global Outreach

Impacting the lives of your community in collaboration with other like minded and sound professionals will continue to amplify the resources and assets needed for sustainable regions


We want to reward you for your expertise and dedicated efforts in advancing healthcare

Unlike other sponsorship programs, we want to show you appreciation not ask for a monetary contribution

With a global audience, we want to continue to bring the best of the best in the advancement of healthcare collaboration. Sign up to become a sponsor and share your knowledge, expertise, products and skills with the world and join us in amplifying our communities.