Clinical support

Working with trained clinical staff from registered nurses to medical physicians can help alleviate the burden placed on healthcare professionals and your practice. Not only are these resources trained, professional and available 24/7/365 but they come with a variety of solutions for your day to day obstacles. Many have used these resources for pre and post-op visit followup, medication queries, intake, referral facilitation, medical transcribing and telemedicine visits. 

administrative support

Administrative support means more than just outsourcing your medical coding and billing Resources trained in the field of medicine and specialized for US clientele can serve a paramount role in your practice. Many have utilized these resources for targeted marketing campaigns, patient engagement initiatives, physician referral programs, patient complaint follow-up and even performance review and monitoring for ones practice. 

How It Works


We start by assessing your organization and making sound recommendations on what you can safely and efficiently maximize your global support. We provide risk, cost and sustainability analysis so you understand all aspects impacting your business.


We identify resources both onshore and offshore that would be in line with your organizational needs & goals. We then create a customized criterion process tailored to your organization, vet and recommend the best support to serve your needs.


We manage the resource on your behalf from onboarding them to your process, analyzing their quality & output and ensure you are both informed and satisfied with their deliverables. Then we can help you reallocate your team to add more value to your organization.

With nearly 20 years of experience we know a thing or two…

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